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Quality Assurance Management: 10 Golden Rules

Introduction When we surveyed over 175 developers about their biggest irritations with their quality assurance management (QA), 43% revealed that their main issue was managing resources and the time allocated to testing. This highlights a concerning reality: many developers, especially freelancers, suffer from a poor understanding and management of quality assurance (QA). In this article, […]

Third Party Embedded Testing: An Emerging Practice

The development of video games is an area where quality assurance (QA) plays a crucial role in the quality of the final products. With the often changing standards that are linked to the constant evolution of market trends and associated technologies, companies are seeking effective approaches to optimize the quality of their games (while remaining […]

Tutorial: Organizing Your Own Playtest

A PC station, ready for a playtest

Overview: The Importance of Playtests in Game Development Organizing your own playtest is a daunting task, but it can provide valuable insights to guide product development and make decisions that will impact a game’s success with target audiences. However, it is often an underutilized development strategy due to budget constraints faced by some game developers. […]

Timelines, Assessments and Test Plans: A Case for QA Planning – Part 3

Last time around in QA Planning, we discussed some of the components to include in your Testing Timeline and gave a few tips and tricks to make your planning as efficient as it can be, and we gave some rough time estimates for some. For this week’s installment, we’ll finish with a few more components. […]

Timelines, Assessments and Test Plans: A Case for QA Planning – Part 2

Keyboard and controllers

Hello again, QA-nauts! Last time around, we discussed “The Trinity” of QA planning: The QA Assessment, the Testing Timeline, and Test Plan and gave a brief description of best practices for each. For parts 2 and 3 of A Case for QA Planning, we’ll delve into the specifics of a dozen components that comprise most […]

Timelines, Assessments and Test Plans: A Case for QA Planning – Part 1

QA Planning Simplified QA Planning during game development is a meticulous process that requires putting together the work of multiple departments and can be tedious at best, and a literal nightmare at worst. What’s more, once you’re nearing a testable build, there are many hurdles and blind spots concerning Quality Assurance that can prove very […]

Navigating the Game of Compliance: A Quest Through Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft Realms

Home Screen Welcome, fellow gamers and game developers, to the thrilling universe of compliance testing! In this article, we’ll embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of ensuring your game complies with the requirements set forth by gaming giants Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Buckle up, pixel pioneers, as we delve into the when, why, […]

Compatibility and Performance Tests: Hallmarks of Launch Day Success

In the wild world of video games, the success of your labor of love often hinges on the rigorous testing of various aspects. One of those crucial aspects pertains to the very foundation of your game: your PC build. Compatibility and performance tests (or lack thereof), in particular, can make or break your game’s launch. […]