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An insurance of the highest quality for your products.

Since 2017, HUWIZ has made a difference in the quality assurance world by proposing professional, meticulous and on measure services.
On top of ensuring our clientele’s satisfaction, we are also an employer of choice for Laurentian talent.
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Our history

Flèche | Huwiz


Foundation of HUWIZ (Human Wizards)
with the vision of offering exceptional quality assurance services to our future clients.


A small team that keeps on growing.
HUWIZ has wind in its sails with 80 analysts who are already impacting the world of quality assurance.


220 wizards making magic.
Ever growing, our beautiful team is now over 220 wizards strong.


A continued growth.
Our social and commercial missions remain at the heart of company values and how we move forward. Its value, however, keeps growing.


Our team of enthusiastic creators adds value to your games, apps, websites and softwares.

Our mission is simple:

Create a durable solution for quality assurance for any digital product, putting forth the local Laurentian talent and making a significant impact with our clients by contributing to their product’s distinction.

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We offer an integrated, engaged and professional quality assurance service.

Our values rest on these pillars:

  • Humility. We remain open to change, always ready to learn.
  • Integrity. We communicate and act with honesty and transparence.
  • Loyalty. We keep our engagements towards all. In case exceptional circumstances, we always adjust ourselves. Holding true to our word is paramount, whatever the circumstances.
  • Solidarity. We are no fair-weather friends. We stand by our partners every step of the way.
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Our team

Experienced and friendly Wizards!

Alexis Delarosbil | Équipe | Huwiz

Alexis Delarosbil
QA Manager

Bastien Jay Ouellet | Équipe | Huwiz

Bastien-Jay Ouellet
Project Manager

Carolljo Maher | Équipe | Huwiz

Carolljo Maher
President, Co-founder

Chloe Chabot | Équipe | Huwiz

Chloé Chabot

Danae Blanchard | Équipe | Huwiz

Danaé Blanchard
Human Resources Consultant

Frédéric Renard | Équipe | Huwiz

Frédéric Renard
Human Resources and Training

Guillaume Laneel | Équipe | Huwiz

Guillaume Lanéel
IT Director

Jason Smith Murk | Équipe | Huwiz

Jason Smith Murk
Project Manager

Jast Aubin | Équipe | Huwiz

Jast Aubin
Business Development

Jimmy-Lee Daneault | Équipe | Huwiz

Jimmy-Lee Daneault

Kariane Lacharité | Équipe | Huwiz

Kariane Lacharité
Project Manager

Kevin Proulx | Équipe | Huwiz

Kevin Proulx
IT Technician

Louis St-Denis | Équipe | Huwiz

Louis St-Denis
VP Operations, Co-founder

Marie-Andrée Marquis | Équipe | Huwiz

Marie Andrée Marquis
Director of HR, Training and Organisational Efficiency

Martin Gagnon | Équipe | Huwiz

Martin Gagnon
IT Technician

Martyne Malo | Équipe | Huwiz

Martyne Malo
CEO, Co-founder

Maryse Melancon | Équipe | Huwiz

Maryse Melançon
Project Manager

Maxime Landry-Lamy | Équipe | Huwiz

Maxime Landry Lamy
QA Manager

Muriel Kother | Équipe | Huwiz

Muriel Kother

Olivier Deslauriers | Équipe | Huwiz

Olivier Deslauriers
Project Manager

Patrick Joly | Équipe | Huwiz

Patrick Joly
IT Technician

Paul-André Renaud
Quality Assurance Manager

Philippe Josse | Équipe | Huwiz

Philippe Josse
Project Manager

Sébastien Bédard | Équipe | Huwiz

Sébastien Bédard
Project Manager

Sébastien Heyne | Équipe | Huwiz

Sébastien Heyne

Sandra Malenfant | Équipe | Huwiz

Sandra Malenfant
Director of Operations

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