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Succeed on your first certification try with all major manufacturers!

HUWIZ makes sure your game conforms to all manufacturers’ applicable norms by providing you with a complete analysis of requirements from each of them.
Ensure your game respects your methodology, objectives and standards with the help from the experts at HUWIZ.

A custom-made analysis for each of the developmental phases of your game.

Compliance tests

Compliance tests are an integral part of delivering a product to the public. These tests are based on requirements set by every manufacturer and depend on a diligent verification.

With HUWIZ, requirements which aren’t met are quickly flagged in the spirit of quickly making adjustments to ensure a successful certification process.

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A reliable solution to your problems

Thanks to an array of tools we’ve developed, combined with meticulous testing methods, your game’s compliance will be established or, if discrepancies arise, you will receive a communication on the modifications to make, in detail.

With the different types of certifications, our tests allow in-depth understanding of each manufacturer’s crucial points and guide you towards options which factor in time and effort to accomplish them.

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