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Project Management

Benefit from a specialized help in quality assurance, be it punctually or for the entirety of your project.

HUWIZ offers peace of mind throughout your project:
You’ll benefit from an involved and conscientious partner who will make sure your product is of the optimal quality which will seduce your user base.

A partner who is mindful of your success and attentive to your needs.

Consulting service

The video games world is filled with passionate creators who desire nothing more than diffuse their creation and make their mark on the industry. Quality assurance is an integral part of this process and requires mindful planning and vigil on tests: test cases, strategies, budgets and adjustments along the way, all these elements are taken in charge by HUWIZ to accelerate your development process all the while validating each step with you as they are reached.

Ally yourself with a partner endowed with involved teams, led by expert Project Managers who will guide you towards the most appropriate and relevant testing approach.

It’s this approach which has allowed us to reach the desired results on more than 530 games, of all sizes and genres.

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Project Management

Our approach to quality assurance project management is distinguished by rigorous planning, an optimal selection of tests and piloting daily activities towards the desired outcomes.

  • The progression of tests is measured and communicated all throughout the project.
  • Testing strategies are measured and communicated in an ongoing basis.
  • Tasks are prioritized according to deadlines and always validated.
  • Post mortems are realized after each project to identify the strong and adjustment points of a project.
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