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Reach your objectives and deadlines with HUWIZ quality assurance.

At HUWIZ, we put assurance behind your product’s quality. We carry out quality assurance testing on each of the projects confided to us thanks to customized support and a dedicated team of talents.

Discover the different services we offer:

Compatibility and performance tests

We ensure a smooth project launch for both your team and user base.

To have the assurance your product will be optimized on a large amalgam of hardware configurations and equipment, our tests allow you to make sure that all your users have a uniform experience with your title, regardless of the material used.

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Icône flèches | Huwiz
Icône flèches | Huwiz

Compliance tests

We validate your game’s compliance to major console manufacturers’ requirements.

Compliance tests diagnose the degree of your product’s compliance towards the major game console manufacturers’ requirements and raise any needed adjustments to make to allow its certification. 

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Functional tests

To ensure impeccable quality, we investigate, analyze and test your product on the entirety of its components.

Be it with the simple execution of your testing strategy to full quality assurance ownership, including test plan creation, HUWIZ is at your disposal regardless of your product’s development stage. We share the same objective: a game that is in link with your aspirations.

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Icône flèches | Huwiz
Icône flèches | Huwiz

Playtests and Focus Groups

You wish to orient your product’s development or to obtain a retroaction before its marketing? Focus Groups are an unavoidable avenue. 

Focus Groups are a tried and true method to orient development and investment decisions. You access data on user experience which will allow to validate your hypotheses, or to restructure them differently. 

The HUWIZ Playtest team plans, organizes, puts together and directs Focus Groups in link with the objectives that were provided. At the term of this process, you’ll have a complete analytical report which will include recommendations. A precious tool for decision making!

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Consulting service and Project management

Judicious advice in matters of Quality Assurance and agile project management practices for testing activities.

Are you questioning which testing approach would be more pertinent to your product, all while respecting a budget? You’re considering integrating QA to your operations? HUWIZ is here to advise you.

For the Quality Assurance activities on each of your projects, we have a team of dedicated and experienced managers for a turnkey project management experience.

Our project management experts will counsel you in solutions which are adapted to your needs, all while recommending the most worthwhile and pertinent tests for the stage of development your game is at currently.

Furthermore, you’ll benefit from an ongoing counsel to help you compose with challenges as they arise.

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Icône flèches | Huwiz