Navigating the Game of Compliance: A Quest Through Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft Realms

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Welcome, fellow gamers and game developers, to the thrilling universe of compliance testing! In this article, we’ll embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of ensuring your game complies with the requirements set forth by gaming giants Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Buckle up, pixel pioneers, as we delve into the when, why, and how of taming the compliance dragon, starting off with a high-level view of resources for consultation, and best practices to consider!

Now without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Level 1: The Compliance Conundrum

So, you’ve crafted a gaming masterpiece, but when should you start planning the planning of compliance testing? Right out of the gate! You obviously won’t be able to test if your game is ready for certification right from the start, but accounting for them will allow for more streamlined tests and fewer hurdles in getting a compliant build out into the wild. And the more compliant the build, the less we’ll need rounds to ascertain if it’ll be certification-ready! Imagine your game as a hero setting out on an epic journey; well, compliance is the trusty sword and shield needed for a triumphant quest. The earlier you learn to wield them, the better.
Each manufacturer has requirements that can prove tricky to implement (looking at you, PS5 activities) – make sure you factor those in!

Level 2: Nintendo’s Odyssey

Warp Pipe Wonderland:

Nintendo, the whimsical wonderland of gaming, has its own set of rules. Start by diving into Nintendo’s developer portal ( – your treasure trove of knowledge. It’s your passport to the Mushroom Kingdom for Nintendo’s submission guidelines!

Level 3: Sony’s Adventure

PlayStation Power-Up:

Venturing into the PlayStation realm? Equip yourself with Sony’s submission checklist. Navigate to Sony’s developer documentation through their DevNet website (you’ll need to create an account to get in – your map in a dungeon crawl, guiding you through the labyrinth of technical requirements and content policies. Remember, compliance is your key to unlocking the gates of the PlayStation universe.

Level 4: Microsoft’s Journey

Master Chief’s March:

For those journeying into the Xbox realm, Microsoft’s Xbox developer documentation ( is your Xcalibur (pun intended). Dive deep into their technical requirements and guidelines. It’s not just about conquering compliance; it’s about embracing the journey towards crafting a game that thrives in the Xbox ecosystem.

Level 5: Best Practices Bonanza

Potion of Wisdom:

Every hero needs a boost, right? So, here are some best practices to level up your Compliance game:
  1. Early & Often: Begin your compliance preparations early and revisit them frequently. It’s like training for a boss battle; mindful consistency is key.
  2. Move one round at a time: Planning your tests is one thing, it’s a whole other subject to fix them! With CQA (Compliance Quality Assurance) being a specialized service (and let’s be real, one of the more costly ones), you’ll benefit greatly from making sure you fix all your Compliance issues before scheduling another round of tests. And always prioritize full rounds over partial ones, if possible.
  3. Test Like a Gamer: Approach compliance testing like a seasoned gamer – explore every nook and cranny. Don’t just meet the requirements; exceed them. And think of the user experience! Your players are used to their platform’s quirks and you being a CQA aficionado will provide them with the authentic experience they deserve.
  4. Cross-Platform Mastery: With the gaming multiverse expanding, consider cross-platform compatibility. A game that seamlessly leaps between platforms is like a hero with a trusty sidekick.
  5. Update Quest: Keep abreast of the manufacturers’ updates. The gaming landscape evolves, and your game should evolve with it. And you can always depend on trusty QA partners like oh I don’t know, HUWIZ.
  6. Never out of the woods: Patches with major feature updates require Compliance tests too! While the rapid patch process for certification is a convenient one, builds only get the automated green light for release if their modifications aren’t too big.

Victory Fanfare

Congratulations, brave developers! You’ve navigated the compliance realms of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft in a very cursory manner. Remember, compliance testing isn’t a one-time event; it’s an ongoing saga. Stay vigilant, follow the best practices, and your game will stand tall in the hall of gaming legends.
So, grab your controllers, power up your consoles, and let the quest for compliance continue! May your games be bug-free and your compliance scores be legendary.
And as they say in the gaming world, “Compliance is….super..important!”
For advice and a helping hand in your tests, write to us below, and our experts will be happy to evaluate your masterpiece in the making.

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