Martyne Malo

CEO | Co-Founder

About me...

Proud member of the generation X, I started my professional life at a time where typewriters and telex were still being used. And about games… we were playing outside or at the dinner table! It is fair to say that I was not born with a smartphone in my hands but rather that I got my hands-full when using a smartphone.

Regardless, I ascended the technologic spectrum, being sometimes out of breath I admit, to end up once again at the head of a stimulating IT business project. Fear not, I’m doing more than alright on my MS suite and the many mobile games I play when I get the chance. When it comes to console gaming however, I’m working on it with my son who’s more often than not discouraged at the pace of my so called improvement.

The essential of my experience and training is in the Business Management field, more precisely in a services outsourcing dynamic. I filled many direction positions in multiple industries and I am a passionate of strategic thinking, operations efficiency and skills development. I had many stimulating business recovery mandates handed to me, as well as major company changes management as well as business processes improvements on which I had the chance to put to use my expertise, a BAA in marketing, a 2nd cycle training in organizational development and studies in communications psychology.

In parallel to my entrepreneurship activities, I have been designing and animating management training classes for over 15 years and coaching multiple leaders in the realization and achievement of their business objectives.

My passion :  People and their talents!

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