Carolljo Maher

President | Co-Founder

About me...

Born in the Nintendo 8bit generation, I spent the past 12 years in the quality assurance industry occupying high-management positions at Enzyme.

Through the years I collaborated in building specialized quality assurances services, implementing advisory role business development strategies, but most importantly I built solid partnerships based on mutual respect. This has allowed me to contribute to more than 3000 products.

Jack of all trades, passionate about technology, and naturally curious, the HUWIZ adventure gives me the opportunity to combine my personal values and passions to continue collaborating with innovative creators.

Since 2016, I am sitting as a board member of la chambre de commerce du grand Saint-Jérôme. In addition, I chair the entrepreneurs’ assistance committee. A committee where we built and put in place a platform that gives new, current and future entrepreneurs access to more than 280 financial programs and governmental subventions.

My motto: Let your dream devour your life, not your life devour your dream.

Contact Info

Phone : +1 450-602-7461
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